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AWA's roadside assistance programs have comprehensive nationwide coverage in Australia and New Zealand,  with networks of professional service providers. To ensure customer satisfaction and quality service, the network is constantly being reviewed, upgraded and added to.

Our operators are equipped with a state of the art mapping system which manages the service provider network. When a call for assistance is received, the system enables the operator to locate and contact the nearest available service provider, dispatch assistance and give an estimated time of arrival to the driver in need within minutes.

With over 1400 service providers in our network, on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week an Australia Wide Assist roadside assistance program can the deliver the peace of mind, quality service and value for money you require.


If you are interested in becoming an AWA service provider, and can provide quality 24 hour, 7 day road rescue services, please contact us by completing the enquiry form below.



Submit your enquiry below and find out how Australia-Wide-Assist can benefit you.

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Exclusions & Limitations

Service can be refused, or excess charges may apply in the following situations:


  • Unregistered vehicles, trucks, busses, vehicles used for hire or reward including, but not limited to taxis, limousines, chauffeured vehicles and rental/loan cars.

  • Vehicles that require specialist or heavy equipment for removal, extraction from multi-storey or underground car parks, are bogged or are not within easy reach of a public/sealed road.

  • Vehicles which have been involved in an accident/collision or have sustained damage due to impact, malicious or criminal damage and/or flood damage.

  • Vehicles that are already at a service center or repair facility.

  • Heavy vehicles, trucks and equipment over 3.5t gross weight.

  • Ferry/barge costs, freight costs, including tolls and sea crossings.

  • Australia Wide Assist will not be liable for increased/additional costs and expenses because of a breakdown in a remote location.

  • Service may be refused for unregistered vehicles and vehicles that are not roadworthy or that have been modified from manufacturers specifications i.e. excessively lowered, modified for racing and 4wd tracks.

  • Repeated/excessive call outs due to driver related faults, vehicle neglect or abuse, as reasonably determined by AWA or its contractor, including pre-existing faults and faults/breakdowns caused by a non-authorized repairer.

  • Australia Wide Assist at its discretion may refuse service or suspend/cancel a driver’s membership if they are deemed abusive, threatening or violent towards Australia Wide Assist staff or its contractors or attempts to receive service by deception.

  • In the event that a driver requests their vehicle be broken into, whether to recover keys/belongings, Australia Wide Assist or its contractors will not accept responsibility or liability for damage that may occur as a result.

  • There may be instances, in remote/rural areas, where a provider is not available to assist with a breakdown or roadside assist request. In these rare instances the driver will be required to arrange their own rescue at their own cost.

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